I don’t like to eat in front of others.

I didn’t get back yesterday in time to make it to work.  I did, however, make it back in time to go out to dinner with a firm.  I was really excited because I definitely wanted to work there and was pretty much willing and ready to accept my offer — I just needed a little more confirmation that these were all people I could work with — but pretty nervous also because I’m what you might call “a picky eater.”

I don’t mean to be.  I’m just a little health conscious.  And a vegetarian.  Who can’t eat chocolate.  And tends to play with her food.  Ok, so I’m not a great dinner guest.

We went here, and they were suprisingly accomodating.  It was 3-course menu, and, although they didn’t have a 2nd course that was vegetarian, they made me some tasty risotto.  They started us off with some common bar food, all dressed up — popcorn with truffle oil and chives, homemade potato chips with atomized nori, and some sort of cheese crisp with shrimp oil (I think — I stopped listening.)  Then we got these spoonfuls of arugula emulsion with a shred of cheese on them.  I got a really tasty salad for my 1st course (nothing outlandish, but really tasty), the risotto for my 2nd, some chocolate shot with espresso cream which I couldn’t eat as a “pre-desert” and “24 hour oranges” for desert — which proved to be a couple slices of teeny tiny oranges that had been marianted in some sort of liqueor with a mini dollop of praline ice cream. 

 Oh, and did I mention I think I drank about a bottle of wine?  I started worrying they were going to rescind my offer if I drank them all under the table.

But they didn’t.  And I called today and accepted.  Yay!


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