I have a Halloween costume!

Yay!  My BFF took me and the boyfriend Halloween costume shopping yesterday afternoon.  (It was a nice break from sourcing and citing!)  It was hard to decide what to be because there was so much great stuff.  I was almost a devil because I really, really wanted this red cape.  I thought the devil idea was kind of lame though (as apparently do some other people), so I kept looking. 

Then I found a purple wig and I had to have it.  I wasn’t quite sure what one was with a purple wig initially but then I decided to be a rockstar.  I’d get to be in cosmetic heaven with the heavy eye make-up, glitter, and dark nail polish that I can’t wear in real life — plus I’d have a purple wig.  And who doesn’t want a purple wig?  Throw my almost-too-short-too-be-legal denim skirt into the mix, a pair of fingerless gloves, and write “Rockstar” on a wife beater, and you’ve got yourself a costume! 


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