Ok, no more going out.

I never go out any more.  Law school has sucked all of my time and energy.

So who am I going out three nights in a row???  Seriously.  Thursday night class got cancelled so I went to bar review and drank cheap beer all night.  (I actually made it to Mad River for once, not being thwarted by the line or my impending journal comment, and it was fun!)  Friday night we went to a costume party sponsored by a club at school and drank more cheap beer.  And last night I went with my BFFs from home up to Cubby Bear where there was definitely not cheap beer but there was an 80’s cover band.  I was definitely living up to my rockstar image.1

I’m definitely worn out though. And my first draft of my comment is due tomorrow to my professor. I need 45 pages and I have 35 pages punctuated by notes such as “blahblahblah fill in more information here.” I have a lot of work ahead of me … but no one can say I didn’t have a good weekend!

1See infra, I have a Halloween costume!


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