Another firm dinner, another chance to explain that fish are not vegetables.

I went to dinner with the firm whose offer I accepted again tonight.  There were attorneys there from another office within the firm and students who were looking at each office.  I and at least one other person had already accepted our offers and were just looking for a chance to meet more people.

I definitely wasn’t in it for the free meal.  Firms are generally sensitive to the fact that I’m a vegetarian when taking me out to dinner — although I have been told a seafood restaurant was selected “because you’re a vegetarian.”  Tonight, however, they were feeding (and trying to impress) a group, so steak it was. 

The menu literally had nothing vegetarian on it besides the side dishes which were all cooked in a butter sauce.  I can handle that if I have to but I would much prefer my vegetables not drowning in fat.  I was pleasantly surprised, however — no sooner had I started to explain to the waiter that I didn’t eat meat than he suggested a grilled vegetable platter with a side of rice.  The veggies were perfect!  Just grilled enough and definitely not oily.  I was quite pleased — not only with dinner but with the fact that I was able to avoid looking like the high maintenance, picky eater I truly am.


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