My Negotiations outline reads like a dating manual.

An excerpt from my Negotiations outline:

A) Steps toward repairing broken trust:
i) Insist on a personal meeting right away
ii) Tell the other party that you value the relationship
iii) Apologize for your behavior
iv) Let them vent
v) Do not get defensive, no matter how wrong you think they are
vi) Ask for clarifying information
vii) Say that you understand their perspective
viii) Let them tell you what they need
ix) Paraphrase your understanding of what they need
x) Think about ways to prevent a future problem
xi) Do an evaluation of the situation at a scheduled date
xii) Plan a future together

(I am working on this outline in lieu of preparing for my Restructuring class tonight — the class I have not been to in 3 weeks because last week it was canceled and the week before I elected to take a personal evening.  So I am well aware that giggling about my fluffy Negotiations outline is not the best use of my time.)


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