A morning of failures.

Note: I back-dated this post because I am, in fact, quite often confused by the “save” and “publish” buttons, and I meant to publish yesterday.

I have not had a successful morning. 

First, I washed the skirt I wore on Halloween with the rest of my laundry this morning.  In the skirt pocket was the fistful of Jolly Ranchers I nabbed from the candy bowl in the ladies room at the bar.  Needless to say, I ended up with some sticky laundry.

Second, I tried to be nice and cook breakfast for the boyfriend.  I have a real aversion to eggs and I try to avoid cooking with them, so I thought I’d make this vegan cinnamon-apple french toast recipe.  It’d didn’t look too complicated, and it looked tasty.  But you know how french toast gets kind of crispy and hard?  I don’t know if it was the lack of eggs or the mariginal bread that I used, but it just kind of got … soggy.  I had cereal for breakfast, so I didn’t eat any, but it didn’t look too impressive.  Nor did the veggie links I tried to nuke.

But that means the day can only improve from here, right?


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