I am a stress-ball

I’ve had an interesting variety of reactions to stress this week.

Monday: Sweat it out at the gym
Tuesday: Drink my dinner for free at the school Election Night party
Wednesday: Have stress-induced migraine, sleep lots and lots
Thursdsay: Have stress-induced migraine-hangover, want to sleep lots and lots, end up going to class anyway
Friday: Self-medicate with coffee during the day and wine during the evening at the wine club event at 404
Saturday: Clean
Sunday: Bake tasty muffins from new cookbook

Baking is the most satisfying way to relieve stress with as little repurcussion as possible; I think I will start with baking from now on.  (Skip that migraine stuff all together!)


2 responses to “I am a stress-ball

  1. You’re producing a lot of delicious baked goods, neighbor? Perhaps more than you and a certain someone can eat on their own?

  2. Hey, I think you’re the one who scoffed when I suggested baking cupcakes for the end of Courier New Appreciation Month …

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