Well … they’re both … green

I am an idiot. 

I made a mess of this one pot during the dinner-making process (who knew that onions & mustard seeds1 cannot saute themselves while one takes a brief shower?), and so I was employing some major elbow grease to free the burned blackness from the bottom.  I paused to read up on the grease-fighting properties of my cleaning liquid, at which point I realized I was washing the dishes with hand soap.

And I have been for at least a week.  At some point, I pulled the hand soap from underneath the cabinet instead of the dish detergent, and, since I never got around to putting it away at least this week, I’ve been washing all of my dishes that don’t go in the dishwasher with hand soap.


1 In case anyone’s curious, I was using my awesome new cookbook to make (an enormous batch of) Chickpea-Spinach-Curry.


One response to “Well … they’re both … green

  1. I laughed when i read this….at times during law school, I have been known to get in the shower and start the clean-routine, only to forget where I am in the middle and have to start over. I find myself washing my hair way more than it needs to be! All because I am distracted and tired and thinking that law school is super lame. All in the shower.

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