Self-indulgent venting

I have been in an almost inconceivably bad mood for the past week or so and right now I feel it my right to indulge in a little public venting.

So here is a list of Things That Have Pissed Me Off Today:

1. The lock on the outer door of my apartment building is broken and I have to buzz to the front desk when I want to be let in
2. My apartment is a mess (I realize this is my fault but it still has Pissed Me Off)
3. I had to go to work this morning to finish something I hadn’t gotten done (again, my fault …)
4. The 157 sucks
5. People congegrate at the base of the stairs in the atrium and do not let people actually utilize the stairs
6. Half the cubes in the library are missing chairs (why???)
7. The lady in line at the salad bar who asked me if something was cucumber or yellow squash (it was clearly cucumber … no way was it yellow squash)
8. The mother-daughter team in the eating area at the mall who went to great lengths to take chairs from other tables so that they could have seats for their coats … because obviously they can’t sit in the same seat as their coats like everyone else
9. The group of loud teenaged tourists who blocked my path on my way back to school
10. It is windy
11. The career center only has starlite mints
12. I have final tonight (who has a final before Thanksgiving???)

Ok.  I feel better now.  Time to study.


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