Getting on the bandwagon a little late

I didn’t celebrate Courier New Appreciation Day back when everyone else was.  This was because my first draft of my comment was due to my professor on October 30, so I resting on my laurels of having completed my first draft.  Sure, I appreciated courier new but in a tired, worn-out way.

Now my second draft is due on Monday.  And since I’m just now getting around to reworking my first draft, I feel as though I can sufficiently appreciate courier new once again.  As an illustration of what it (combined with double-spacing) can do for a comment, please note: I printed out (yes, I know it’s a waste of paper, but I have to mark things up in pen) my first draft — a draft that was 45 pages when double-spaced and courier-newed — after changing the spacing to single and the font to Times New Roman and it was only 22 pages.  (And I think it may have only been that long because the footnotes remained in courier new and double-spaced between each note.)

It’s like putting courier new into my comment is putting yeast into bread dough — it makes it double in size magically, without any further help from you!


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