My favorite movie is from 1954

I complain about my neighbor on a regular basis because, in addition to her usual shouting to no one in particular in a shrill voice, she has taken to singing.  I’m glad that she’s so happy that she sings all the time, really I am, but when I’m trying to study, I really want to throttle her.  I have always found her choice of singing to be rather irritating as well because she sings in another language so I can’t even tell what she’s singing about. 

Today, however, is the day I stop complaining about her.  Why’s that?  Only because I myself was possibly the most obnoxious singing neighbor ever this morning.

I was at Starbucks last night and I noticed they were selling White Christmas DVDs.  White Christmas is possibly my favorite movie of all time and I only have it on VHS.  (And, not only do I not have a VCR here, I think my mother has commandeered my video tape as her own.)  I was also having a grumpy day (migraine!  grr!), so I decided that White Christmas would make me happy.  I bought a copy for myself and also one for my college roommate.  (She and I initially bonded over a spontaneous rendition of “Sisters” in the sorority house hallway.) 

This morning, while I was putting the one on my shelf and the other with a note to mail to my roommate for her upcoming birthday, I noticed the front said: “BONUS INSIDE!  LIMITED EDITION WHITE CHRISTMAS SOUNDTRACK”  I don’t think I can express how long I’ve been trying to get a White Christmas soundtrack.  They just don’t exist.  When I was a kid, I taped the songs by holding my tape recorder next to the TV — but that was terrible quality and got my dog barking in the background.  When Napster was around, I downloaded songs from the movie that weren’t of much better quality.

But this — this is great.  I got so excited I immediately popped it in.  And of course I had to sing along.  I am so very happy right now, but I doubt my neighbor is.  I’m not sure she wanted to hear “What Can You Do with the General” by the Bing Crosby Orchestra four times in a row.

So I apologize.  And promise not to complain about her singing any more.


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