I love taking the bus, Part IV.

A man wearing a cape boarded the 151 at the stop right after mine.  He proceeded to stand creepily close to me the entire time, despite the wide availability of seating.  He also had buttons with pictures of Wonder Woman, a large black zippered glove on his left hand, and a hairstyle that I cannot even begin to describe, but the most notable thing about him was his cape.  People wearing capes really should not be permitted to use public transportation; it makes the non-cape-wearers uneasy.

On a semi-related (having to do with buses) note, I realized my UPass expires on December 22.  This made me sad.  Then, however, I remembered a movie quote: “Tickets?  Since when did they start charging to ride the bus?  Didn’t we use to ride that shit to school every morning for free?”  Then I laughed out loud.

Then I was embarrassed because, suddenly, who’s crazier?  The guy wearing the cape or the girl laughing for no apparent reason?

Kudos if you know what movie that line is from.  (Googling is cheating.)


4 responses to “I love taking the bus, Part IV.

  1. Sounds like a line from Jay from one of the Kevin Smith movies…

  2. Yay! You’re right … Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back!

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  4. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

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