Don’t cross me when I’m sick.

I don’t feel well.  Apparently that correlates with me being an irritable bitch.  I’ve been irrationally competitive in bus lines today and I stopped mid-cross in the middle of Michigan Avenue to yell at a cab driver who honked at me.  I was a little too aggressive with a classmate who gave a presentation on his personal (ridiculously ludicrous) theory of remedying the adversarial system in our country.

And my crowning achievement?  I body-checked a tourist.


6 responses to “Don’t cross me when I’m sick.

  1. You’re not a bad person for doing that. I tend to whap a few tourists with my computer bag when necessary. And once, I ran over a woman’s foot with my rolly-bag because she would NOT. MOVE.

    I do not feel sorry for these things and neither should you.

  2. I wanted to punch two tourists today…so get down with your bad self

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