Further proof that I need a censor

I shouldn’t post after taking SoCo & lime shots all night.  I am impressed, however, at my ability to properly spell & capitalize, and I also take comfort in the fact that I didn’t spam a listserv.  (That’s actually not directed at the fact that someone spammed the law school listserv after apparently drinking; it’s more directed at the fact that I used to spam the Panhellenic listserv in college — not my finest behavior.)

Anyway, now I’m working on the third draft of my comment.  Yes, I’m working on my comment on New Year’s Eve Day.  I’m lame, I know.  I just want to get it done.  I finished adding and touching up the sections my professor suggested, and now I’m doing a run-through to check for spelling, grammar, and poorly numbered footnotes.  On the first page I have a phrase that my professor told me she likes, but she’s not sure the journal editors will be down with: “boozed-up sexual deviants.”  I kind of can’t wait to get my comment back and see what the journal thought about that …


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