The perils of living alone.

Law school prom is coming up, and so I needed a new dress.  I ended up rocking my junior year high school Homecoming dress last year, but this year I figured I’d wear an actual grown-up dress.  So I ordered this really cute dress from anthropologie, and it came in the mail today.  I immediately put it on because 1) I wanted to make sure it fit and 2) I get overly excited about new clothes.

After I was satisfied that it both fit and was sufficiently cute, I tried to take it off.  And promptly jammed the zipper.  The zipper ran up the back of the dress, so I couldn’t see it.  The zipper was also stuck in just that place between your shoulder blades that nearly impossible to reach.  I couldn’t slip out of the dress, nor could I turn it around to get the zipper in the front.  After a few minutes, I was about ready to put on my shoes & walk down to the front desk to ask the doorman for help, but, as luck would have it, the zipper became free.

2 responses to “The perils of living alone.

  1. I feel your pain. I once choked on a pickle when I lived alone (yes,a pickle) and had to Heimlich myself!

  2. knock knock…? Post something new! How was law school prom?

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