good clean fun

We took advantage of the free bicycle rental program today, and I really don’t remember when I’ve had that much fun. We started at the South Seaport and rode over the Brooklyn Bridge, around Brooklyn, back over the Manhattan bridge, and around a little bit more before we had to return the bikes. I don’t think I have ridden a bicycle with working gears since probably junior high school, but once I had that under control, the enterprise was pretty much cake. We even stopped at The Nut Box to stock up on cheap almonds!

We almost didn’t go because the skies looked threatening, but time has taught me that I don’t melt in the rain. As evidence of that fact, please accept the following photo, which is of us hiding in a cave in Yangshao, China after our bicycle ride was interrupted by a somewhat terrifying storm:

My only complaint is that my bicycle didn’t have a bell. How exactly was I supposed to make the tourists on the Brooklyn Bridge scatter?


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