Eurotrip, Day 2: Rome

Day 2 was my favorite day of the trip. We started with the Colosseum (getting to skip the queue because of our Roma Passes, which were the best purchase ever) and then we moved on to the Roman Forum. The Rough Guide claimed the Roman Forum is one of Rome’s “most disappointing” attractions “since you need a good imagination and some grasp of history to really appreciate the place.” I didn’t find that true at all. I realize that I may have a better grasp of Roman history than most (I was, after a Classical Civilizations major), but I thought that enough remained of the forum to really enchant the visitor.

Mom with a giant head

Mom with a giant head

We then headed for the Galleria Borghese, which was pretty fantastic in its opulence, but I was much more excited about getting to visit the Villa Giulia on the same grounds. The Villa Giulia houses a collection of Etruscan art, which is my favorite kind of art. Unfortunately, once we arrived at the Villa Giulia, we found the gate locked. I rattled the gate, then I pouted, and then I reconsulted the map and realized we were at the back entrance. We walked around to the front entrance and were able to go inside, where we saw two important pieces of art: the Sarcophogus of the Married Couple and the Euphronios Krater. (I had actually seen the Euphronios Krater when it was still at the Met, and I was surprised — and delighted — to see it here.)

We ended our second day by walking around the Piazza Navona in the evening and eating at one of the subpar restaurants that surround it.


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