Eurotrip, Day 3: Rome

It was really hot while we were in Rome, and one might think rain would help cool the air. One would be wrong. It was raining when we set out on the morning of Day 3, and it was a hot, sticky rain. Our destination was the Capitoline Museum (as we had somehow missed it the previous day), and, by the time we reached it, we were soaking wet and smelling like wet rags. The museum itself provided a welcome respite from the rain. Unfortunately, we had only an hour in the museum because we had a tour scheduled at the Vatican. We ran through the museum, which was an awesome museum, in search of the she-wolf.

self-photo at the Piazza Navona

self-photo at the Piazza Navona

After we rushed through the museum, we made our way back to the metro to head for the Vatican. We had a tour scheduled with When in Rome tours of the Vatican Museum, and it was a totally worthwhile tour. The Vatican Museum is huge and maze-like, which proved to be problematic when Mom took a bathroom break after the tour and we got separated. There were about twenty minutes panic while I looked for her, and I think I lost five years of my life. Once reunited, we made our way to St. Peter’s Basilica, where the queue was blissfully short. We concluded our stay in Rome by eating at what one of the guidebooks referred to as the best example of Roman pizza.


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