Eurotrip, Day 4: Paris

On Saturday, we flew to Paris. Our hotel, the Hotel Le Royal Montparnasse, was wonderfully close to the metro and several cafes that were mentioned in the guidebook as places where some literary giants had frequented. We visited one of these places, Le Select, for lunch and grabbed the first salad we had eaten too long of a while.

drinking wine on the Seine

drinking wine on the Seine

After a few clothing changes (it was much colder in Paris than in Rome), we made our way to the most iconic of Parisian attractions, the Eiffel Tower. We had signed up for a Fat Tire bike tour, and we were meeting our guide underneath the tower. Even though the tour made me become one of those tourists that I hate (moving around en masse after a shouting tour guide, wearing yellow vests), careening around the streets of Paris at night via bicycle was a lot of fun. The tour concluded with a boat ride down the Seine, during which we got to drink wine while watching the Eiffel Tower glimmer.


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