young adult vampires

I hate to admit that I read the Twilight series, but it’s true. (You’ll have to drag me over hot coals, though, to get me to admit that I watched the movie.) I lost approximately a week’s worth of sleep over the thing because once I started reading the first book, I couldn’t stop reading until I was done with the last one.

In the first book, there’s this scene where Edward is leaping around the forest, impressing Bella with his agility and speed, and, when I read it, I thought, “Man, Stephanie Meyer practically ripped this scene wholesale from a book I read a really long time ago. What was that book?”

Then the city was wallpapered with advertisements for The Vampire Diaries, and I remembered: the offending scene is strikingly similar to one that appears in L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries series. (I can’t remember which book it appeared in and, although I’m currently at my folks’ house where the books are residing in the basement, I’m too lazy to investigate.)

The Vampire Diaries premiered on the CW tonight, and, of course, I had to watch it … and probably will continue to do so.


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