Twitter FTW

The few people who read this blog may have noticed that my posting has been spotty at best this month. The lack of updating during the first week or two can be blamed on being on vacation, but the real culprit here is Twitter. In the past (in the first incarnation of this blog), I derived most of my posting fodder from the quirky things I would see during the day. (My favorite still being the guy who wore a cape on the 151. Maybe I’ll reprise that post sometime this week.) I rarely covered things in 140 characters or less, but that’s really because I tend to use ten words where one would do, not because there was really that much to say. As a result, a lot of those things get turned into Twitter posts. My Twitter feed is linked in one of the widgets at the side of this blog, but that shouldn’t excuse me from writing actual posts, and so I’m going to strive to update daily. (I know, thrilling, right?)

So, basically, this is me demonstrating my typical lack of an economy of words to say that I’ve been lazy and using Twitter instead of my blog, and that the aforementioned behavior is going to stop.


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