my first subtitle

I saw my first film in subtitles last night! (Let me clarify: The first film that I have seen in subtitles for pleasure.) We were looking for something to do on a Thursday night (besides make sort-of-homemade pizza and tapioca pudding from scratch), and so we1 found some tickets to the New York Film Festival. We saw the showing of Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon, which was not only in black-and-white … it was also in German. The film itself was really interesting, and the director would probably be pleased to know that I was still pondering over it so much that I actually had dreams about it.

By the way, the Netflix movie that is currently sitting on our coffee table is The Reader, another solemn movie about historic Germany. We’re surmising that The White Ribbon will make The Reader seem lighter by comparison.

1 By “we,” I mean “Marc.”

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