weekend highlights

We had a lazy weekend … but, despite that, I still somehow didn’t find the time to update the blog. Here are the highlights:

Friday: We decided to try our luck at Cafe Condesa, a restaurant that we have been trying to eat at for months. The place is so tiny — honestly, it might be the size of our studio, and that includes the kitchen — that it’s virtually impossible to get a table unless you’re there incredibly early or ready to wait for a long time. As we are usually neither, we had always sought out alternatives. On Friday, however, the hostess told us we were the first on the wait list and that it would be 20-30 minutes. We gave her our phone number and headed down the street to Panca for Peruvian drinks. (I skipped the Peruvian drinks in favor of the classic martini.1) At least forty-five minutes later, when we still hadn’t received a phone call, we headed back to the restaurant. Apparently, there were some “lingerers,” and we waited outside for probably another thirty minutes. We finally got to eat … and it was definitely worth the wait.2 We closed out our night at Johnny’s Bar, which is a much more satisfying dive bar than the Mars Bar.

Saturday: Saturday morning got off to a rough start. I was heading to a writers’ group meeting down on Wall Street, and it started raining after I left without an umbrella. I stopped into my neighborhood bagel place to get a bagel and coffee, and they wrapped up the coffee and put it in the bag with the bagel. I took great care to carry the coffee upright, but it was all in vain because there was a hole in the cup. I didn’t realize, of course, until I was on the A and the girl across from me kept staring at my bag. I looked over and saw that it was filling with coffee. I managed to rescue my bagel, but the coffee was a loss. The rest of the day was pretty lazy, and included dual Asian meals: Hong Kong Station for lunch and An Nhau, this new Vietnamese place in Brooklyn, for dinner.

Sunday: We started Sunday on a domestic note: we made buttermilk pancakes from scratch. Despite the sugar and butter in the recipe, they were deceptively healthy-tasting because we used whole wheat flour.3 We then spent the afternoon wandering around Manhattan with Marc’s new camera, starting in our neighborhood and making our way up to Times Square. My favorite part was getting hot apple cider at the Mad. Sq. Mark’t — it was the perfect fall activity on a beautiful fall day.

1 I had been thinking about a martini earlier in the afternoon, and, while we have the gin, the vermouth, the martini shaker, and the martini glasses, we lack the ice. We do have an ice tray — but I currently have it filled with tablespoons of tomato paste.
2 I linked to my Yelp review. FYI.
3 At least we used white whole wheat. I don’t have all-purpose flour in the cupboard, but I do have both white whole wheat and whole wheat.


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  1. Long time reader; first time writer.

    I love reading it. Have a nice day.

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