Halloween weekend

Our Halloween weekend was pretty low-key. We kept it quiet Friday night by getting pizza at Fornino and watching Blood Diamond, the Netflix movie that had been sitting on our coffee table for a while.

Saturday was weirdly warm, so we wandered around outside for a while. We had an indulgent lunch at Brasserie les Halles featuring the best French onion soup that has ever existed, and we got some 50% off Halloween costumes at K-Mart. (I was a “gothic princess” and Marc was an “evil jester.” They were definitely high quality, let me tell you.) We lined up along Sixth Ave. to watch the Village Halloween Parade, which was amazing. I love Halloween and I love parades, so I might be biased, but, seriously, it was neat. There were these huge puppet-type things that swooped and soared over the crowd, and there were really creative costumes on display. Unfortunately, it started to rain, and we got drenched not only from the rain proper but from the rain cascading off other people’s umbrellas. We cut out just before the parade was over to head home, dry out, order in some sub-par Vietnamese food, and watch the Yankees.

On Sunday, we watched the New York Marathon in the morning and the Yankees in the evening. I am completely blown away by elite marathon runners. It is one of my life goals to run a marathon — I had signed up for the 2009 Chicago Marathon, but I quickly realized that my knees would need much more training time than I had allotted — and I can barely imagine finishing a marathon, let alone what it would be like to run it in 2 and a half hours.


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