not all pumpkin baked goods are created equal

It’s the appropriate season for pumpkin baking, and I have learned, to my surprise, that the inclusion of pumpkin in a baked good does not automatically make it delicious. (I know! Shocking, right?) We started with some pumpkin bread that turned out to have an off-putting olive oil taste, even though we cut the amount required by the recipe. We followed that disappointment up with the excellent (and previously mentioned) pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Our faith in pumpkin baking regained, we tried some pumpkin pancakes, which were unfortunately subpar: the batter was way too thick and the flavor was just so-so. We have definitely eaten all of the creations, but I’m glad that the pumpkin season is not yet over … especially because I saw these pumpkin brownies online!


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