almost missed flight

I have never before missed a flight that I scheduled.1 I don’t even know what happens when one misses a flight for reasons that are entirely their own fault. I almost found out this morning.

For some reason, I had listed the landing time as the departure time in my phone for my flight back to New York today. I thought I was leaving at 2:30 pm, so I was lounging in bed this morning at 10:20 am, tending my FarmVille crops, when I got a notice from my iCal that my event “ORD – JFK” was scheduled in one hour. That can’t be right, I thought. I checked my itinerary on the website anyway, though, and I discovered that it was in fact correct: my flight was leaving in one hour.

Thankfully, Lady Luck was on my side. Ashley graciously gave me a lift, and there was almost no traffic. There was no line at the JetBlue counter, and only a tiny line at security. I made it to my gate before it was even time for my group to board.

I was still wearing last night’s makeup, but at least I was on the flight.

1 Once when I was working for the sorority, I missed a flight in Dallas and had to spent an additional eight hours in the airport, which was a special kind of torture because it was too early to check my bags and so I had to lug them around the airport with me. Because the sorority did the scheduling at that time, I didn’t have to deal with the aftermath of the trying to reschedule my flight. I had people for that.


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  2. Sorry for writing Off-Topic – which Word Press theme are you using? It looks amazing!!

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