Village celebrity sightings

Up until recently, my one and only celebrity sighting1 was John Cusack2 in O’Hare. Since moving to New York, I have seen a couple celebrities out and about in the Village, and I’m embarrassed by how thrilled that makes me.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw Uma Thurman walking her dog just outside Washington Square Park. I almost missed her because I was so busy watching the crazy lady who was talking to the squirrels and lamenting that the chain link fence that had gone up for park construction was separating her from them. I actually only noticed Uma Thurman because I had to make a special effort not to run into her dog.

Today Marc and I had just left our apartment when Anderson Cooper rounded the corner. Everyone who was in the area was staring and pointing, and it made me wonder how he can walk anywhere without causing a scene.

1I am only counting celebrity sightings that I remember. I was too young to remember when we saw Harry Caray, and I was, well, in Vegas when we saw one of the Kardashian girls. (See, I can’t even remember which one it was!)
2I’m not complaining! John Cusack is my favorite actor.

One response to “Village celebrity sightings

  1. Hi Katie,

    Love your blog. Have you seen this site:

    I like Anderson Cooper, but prefer Dan Abrams.

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