Chicago and fun hats

In order to keep my Illinois bar admission active, I had to attend a CLE conference on Illinois Basic Skills in Chicago last week. The conference itself was tortuous, but it did give me a great excuse to see my friends.

I stayed with Ashley and Tyler, who were amazing hosts, from watching Glee to cooking out on the balcony in chilly November to the crazed rush to the airport on Saturday morning.

Kelley’s going away dinner was fortuitously scheduled for Friday night, so I got to attend. We started with the ridiculously overpriced but ridiculously delicious drinks at the Park Hyatt, and then we headed up to everyone’s favorite restaurant (and the site of my own going away dinner) Ping Pong. After martinis, wasabi fries, and chocolate-covered fortune cookies, we decided to close out the evening at Friar Tuck’s. I can’t explain how delighted I was, after reminiscing about the time we discovered it was hat night at Friar Tuck’s, to find out that Friday was, in fact, Fun Hat Friday.

Fun Hat Friday has come a long way since 2007, when it consisted of a few hats crammed in a ratty cardboard box.


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