return to Baoguette

When I review something on Yelp, I generally just post a link here. I’ve decided to change that policy. Now I’m going to be pasting them here as well, for no other reason other than it will amuse me to do so.

Accordingly, here is my Yelp review of Baoguette:

I had a mediocre experience at Baoguette in August, but, since I love Vietnamese sandwiches, I wanted to give them another try. Last time I ordered vermicelli noodles, and I suspect that’s where I went wrong: I should have ordered a sandwich.

I met a friend here for lunch today, and I got the Veguette (or however they are spelling it). I worried that I should have stuck to real meat instead of mock meat, but that worry proved unfounded. The mock meat was really tasty, and it didn’t take away from the other aspects of the traditional Vietnamese sandwich. The bread was tasty and fresh, although it was a bit softer than I generally expect in a Vietnamese sandwich.

All in all, I was glad I went back. It’s not the best Vietnamese sandwich in town, but it’s still darn good.


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