Shine in Chicago, 500 Days of Summer

My college girlfriends and I were planning on having our bi-annual get-together in Chicago before I flew back to New York, but the snowstorm ruined our plans. The girls who lived downstate couldn’t make it up to Chicago, and so us girls who were in Chicago decided to scrap our plans to go out to dinner and instead ordered in sushi and watched 500 Days of Summer on demand. I don’t recommend the movie, but I do recommend the restaurant. I copy-and-pasted my Yelp review below:

We were too cold and tired last night to go out for dinner as we had planned, so we decided to order in. Delivery sushi can be kind of a dicey proposition, but Liz assured us that Shine delivery was good — and she was definitely right.

There were four of us, so we ordered seven rolls to share (plus one piece of tamago for me because I really wanted one), and we ended up having way more than enough. (Of course, we had been snacking on Christmas cookies earlier!) We had the following rolls:
* Spicy tuna: this was your standard spicy tuna, and it was good.
* Vegetable maki: this was not the best vegetable maki I have had, but it was good.
* Dragon maki (unagi and tempura crunch wrapped in fresh avocado): this was good. (That’s an excellent description on my part, huh?)
* Honey roll (white tuna, cucumber, sesame honey sauce rolled in tempura crunch): none of us were crazy about this roll. The flavor was too subtle, and we couldn’t taste the “honey sesame sauce” at all. The
tempura crunch was also really flaky — it looked like snow — and got all over everything.
* Ichiban maki (unagi, cream cheese, tempura crunch in spicy sauce wrapped in avocado and shrimp): everyone in the group loved this one, but I actually didn’t have any because I’m not wild about unagi and I don’t like cream cheese in my sushi.
* Mexican maki (tuna tobiko, cilantro, avocado, jalapeno, and lime): I loved this one! Usually I don’t like these kind of fusion rolls, but this one was executed really well and tasty.
* Mangoku maki (fresh salmon, tempura crunch, and spicy sauce in fresh mango): this roll was the group favorite. It was so good — and it had just the right amount of mango. I wish I would have discovered this roll while I was still living in Chicago!

I can only imagine that the rolls are even better when ordered in the restaurant.


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