Restaurant Review: No. 7

Marc’s birthday was on Friday, and so we rounded up some friends and headed out to dinner. We ate at No. 7, and the following is my Yelp review:

We chose No. 7 as the site of my boyfriend’s birthday celebration and then crossed our fingers. It’s a gamble to invite a bunch of people out to dinner at a restaurant you have never visited, but this time it paid off:

1. The restaurant itself is classy and intimate but still easily accommodated our party of eleven.

2. The specialty cocktails (which bear seemingly random numbers instead of names) were unique and proved to be delicious. Mine was composed of porter apple, tequila, and black tea liqueur, and it was amazing.

3. The appetizers are absolutely insane. In skimming Yelp reviews, I had seen the fried broccoli appetizer mentioned with some frequency, so we tried that. We expected it to be broccoli florets that were lightly fried, but no: it was an entire stalk of broccoli, breaded and deep-fried, with some sort of cheesy sauce oozing out from somewhere. It was decadence at its best. We also tried the cold octopus, and we were pleasantly surprised to find the octopus was really tender, not chewy like octopus can be.

4. The entrees, while limited in option, were great. I had the artic char with celery root puree and brussels sprouts. My only quibble was that the brussels sprouts were really, really buttery – but that didn’t stop me from eating every last one. The boyfriend had the steak which came with a surprising (but delicious) fried pear.

5. The dessert menu was short, but we chose the figgy cake and the staff graciously put a candle in it for his birthday. Dessert wasn’t on par with the rest of the meal – in other words, it was tasty but not amazing.


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