Restaurant Review(s): 9 Chatham Square & Grimaldi’s

Yesterday was a great food day: we had dim sum and pizza.

My (short and sweet) Yelp review of 9 Chatham Square:

This place is a little nuts, but I think the quality of the food is a lot better than at some of the larger dim sum places.

My Yelp review of Grimaldi’s:

I’m not a huge fan of pizza, and therefore I have never had any inkling of desire to wait in line at Grimaldi’s. But last night we had a visitor from out of town and it was getting pretty late, so we thought we’d give it a shot. We only had to queue up for about ten minutes or so, which is practically nothing, no matter what restaurant you visit — and we made all that time up inside with the lightning fast arrival of our pizza.

The crust on that pizza was pretty darn near perfection: the perfection ratio of chew to crisp to char. I also loved how fresh the cheese and tomato sauce tasted — even though, in general, the tomato sauce was thinner than I like it.

One of my favorite parts of the trip, though, was getting to watch them make the pizzas while waiting in line for the restroom!


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