belated weekend report

I realize it’s Tuesday, and, as such, a bit late to be reporting on the weekend, but here’s the weekend that was in a nutshell.

Friday: I made my first trip to the Brooklyn Trader Joe’s. After getting used to shopping in the Manhattan Trader Joe’s, I felt like I was in an alternate universe. The shelves were stocked! There was no line! No one elbowed me or tried to run me over with their cart! It was amazing. It’s in a less convenient location for me than the Manhattan version was and still is, but it’s a much better shopping experience.

After my glorious shopping experience, I did some GL1 and then met my friends for dinner at Da Andrea. We then spent a low-key evening drinking wine, discussing the demise of the Jersey Shore, and watching Aziz Ansari.

Saturday: I went to the farmers market and purchased a sack full of apples, a cabbage, and … a beet. I then carried my haul off to the Brooklyn Flea, which is in the Williamsburg Bank Building. I wished I would have remembered to bring my camera because the building is amazing inside. I’ll go back this coming weekend and take some pictures.

I spent the rest of the day studying and finishing the laundry I had started the previous day, and then Marc and I went to Wild Ginger for dinner. Yay, vegan food!

Sunday: Sunday was a day for studying, and then we cooked the beet for dinner!2 It was actually kind tasty. I cut it up in very small chunks, coated them with olive oil, and roasted them. I then served us each four tiny little cubes of beet … but we both ended up going back for more.

1 I don’t tan, so I can’t complete the full GTL — just the GL: gym, laundry. (And, sadly, I couldn’t find a link for the clip when the phrase GTL is introduced.)
2 We didn’t just have a single beet for dinner, of course. We also had Vinegar-Glossed Chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, and sauteed rainbow chard.


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