I’m back!

I’m back! The studying has completed, and both the bar and the post-bar trip have been taken. (Stay tuned for details about the trip!)

It’s a gloomy day here in Brooklyn, and I have dreams of a nice homemade soup that will only be realized if I get myself to the store in this rain.

One thing I hate about the rain (aside from the fact that it makes me cold and wet, neither of which I enjoy) is that it brings out the umbrellas. Umbrellas, while helpful at keeping a person dry, are dangerous (or at least annoying) in the wrong hands, and I’m beginning to suspect that the majority of the population is the wrong hands. It was barely drizzling last night when Ali and I left the movie theater1, yet that didn’t stop every tourist in Times Square (most of whom are already hazards on the sidewalk) from popping open their umbrella and carelessly hitting people in the face with it. I’m surprised we made it to the subway alive.

1 We had gone to see A Single Man (which is a beautiful film, by the way) in Times Square at 5:10 pm, erroneously believing we would be able to make it down to a bar in the village by 7:00 pm to meet Kelley and her sister. Math FAIL.


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