Honduras: Roatan

We recently returned from a trip to Honduras. We visited Roatan, Tela, and Copan Ruinas, with brief, barely notable stops in La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula.

We began our trip in Roatan, which is one of the Bay Islands. We had envisioned a lovely, sunny Caribbean beach, but the weather refused to cooperate, preferring to alternate between overcast and downright rainy. Of course, while this wasn’t ideal, it was infinitely better than the snowstorm that was raging back home in New York. We did manage to have a couple of legitimately sunny days, and we had a few fantastic sunsets.

We stayed in a small cabin that was owned by the Mariposa Lodge. It had three separate bedrooms with a shared kitchen and bathroom. We initially shared the space with a friendly couple who may have been French or Dutch (or possibly something altogether different), but they left and were replaced by a sullen British couple. Although the space had a shared kitchen, we only ventured into cooking when the ATM had been out of cash for three days in a row, necessitating that we keep a tighter rein on our finances.

One exciting thing we did while in Roatan was get our open water diving certification! We took a course with Reef Gliders, and, although we had trouble completing the course as quickly as we would have liked because of the choppy water, we finally received our certification! The course required us to read a textbook and watch some videos that went with it, take five quizzes and one final exam, complete a 200m swim and 10 minute float, do five sessions in confined water, and do four open water dives. We did our confined dives in Half Moon Bay, which is an area where the water is pretty calm. In the picture below, you can see another scuba class going out into Half Moon Bay.

We had to perform a number of skills during both our confined water and open water dives, ranging from controlling our buoyancy to removing and replacing our masks underwater. My least favorite skills were the ones that involved me getting water in my mask. On our open water dives, after we completed our skills, we got to swim around the reef and check out the fish and other underwater creatures. It was pretty much amazing.

Stay tuned for more trip recaps, and check out the pictures on Flickr.

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