spring is here!

It was a beautiful day in New York! Actually, let me rephrase that: it was a BEAUTIFUL day in New York! It was in the mid-50s when I got up, and the high was 69. I spent the morning writing in Bryant Park (where I admired some cute little birdies and actually bought something from one of the can I ask you a question about your hair? guys), had lunch outdoors with Marc and some of his office buddies, and did some window shopping. There was a bit of real shopping as well — I met a girl in the bathroom at Bryant Park who was wearing a really cute clip in her hair, so I complimented her on it and she told me it was in fact only $3 at H&M, so I made my way to H&M and got myself one!

I did some exercising, ate a yummy fennel, orange, and chicken salad for dinner, and now I’m drinking tea and painting my toenails. It’s been lovely, and I’m so happy that spring is finally here!

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