Honduras: Copan Ruinas

We recently returned from a trip to Honduras. We visited Roatan, Tela, and Copan Ruinas, with brief, barely notable stops in La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula.

After Tela, we decided to go to Copan Ruinas, which was decidedly more tourist-friendly. There were plenty of options for lodging, food, and happy hours. It was also a more attractive town than Tela; it’s a colonial town, and its cobblestone streets were beautiful, even though they killed my dreams of wearing my cute new wedges. It’s in western Honduras, so close to Guatemala that people kept asking if we were headed there next, and the rolling hills were pretty enough and accessible enough that we were able to one day take a lovely walk.

The main draw of Copan Ruinas is the Mayan ruins located nearby. We spent the better part of one day checking out the ruins, which, although not large, are particularly notable because of the intricate carvings. The ruins were well cared for, and the museum on site that houses many of the original artifacts was impressive and well-curated.

While in Copan Ruinas, we also visited Finca el Cisne, a coffee and cardamom plantation. Once out at the farm, we were shown some of the types of plants grown on the farm – it wasn’t just limited to coffee and cardamom; there were also bananas, pomelos, and others. We then rode horses around the vast farm for almost two and a half hours.

me on a horse!

After we dismounted, we ate a fantastic lunch at the main house that included delicious freshly made tortillas and little sauteed bananas sprinkled with cardamom. We relaxed in hammocks for a while, and then toured the coffee plant before spending the remainder of our afternoon at some hot springs that have been built up in a pretty luxe way. By the time we had dinner that night, we had gained a rather kooky Colombian couple that couldn’t keep their hands off each other and tried to watch a portable television at dinner. We spent the night on the farm, and there was only electricity in the bathroom, so we spent a quiet evening reading by candlelight. After breakfast in the morning, we were driven back to Copan Ruinas.


We reluctantly left Copan Ruinas the night before our flight, and we spent our last night in Honduras in San Pedro Sula, eating at the mall food court and seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3D. It was a great vacation!

That’s it for the trip recaps! You can still check out the pictures on Flickr.


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