spring is (still) here!

It was an amazing weekend in NYC. I spent Friday lazing in Central Park with Ali, reading books, people-watching, and making my tan lines worse. The night ended with surprisingly good half-price sushi (and a peach-flavored saketini), a cool East Village bar, and the longest train ride home ever.

We started our Saturday by stocking up on apples at the farmers market (I was disappointed there weren’t more green vegetables yet) and then headed to the banh mi place we still hadn’t tried. Once we had our sandwiches, we walked a block or two to find somewhere to sit, and we ended up watching part of a bicycle polo tournament. (I’m still not sure who won or how one ends up being part of a bicycle polo team.) We braved the lines at Old Navy for some new spring clothes, and then we met our friends uptown to watch the KU game.

The weather was still beautiful today, so we started our day with some dim sum and then walked around all day. I know that the rain is coming again next week, but I’ve certainly enjoyed this lovely weekend.

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