jam down!

Okay, this post is not actually about dropping jam, but I couldn’t resist. This post is, instead, about the awesome jam-making class that I attended last night.

jam from jam-making class!

The class was led by the completely lovely girl who runs Anarchy in a Jar. I had tasted her jam once at the Brooklyn Flea, and it was delicious, but I was not at the time in the market for jam. (Not only did we have two almost-full and open jars in the fridge, I had spent all my cash on tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich from the Milk Truck booth.) When our jam supply had dwindled, I checked out her website and saw that she was teaching a jam-making class in my neighborhood.

I was intrigued. I love jam, and I liked to know how things are made. The class was great! I learned all sorts of fascinating things about making jam — the process itself is simpler than I had expected, but there were so many nuances about what makes a successful jam. In addition to leaving with a wealth of knowledge, I got to spend the evening drinking wine with interesting people and I got to bring home a jar of homemade jam!


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