The New England Excursion


At 8:00 on Saturday morning, we boarded a Fung Wah bus on Canal Street, bleary-eyed and armed with a bag of warm Chinese buns to sustain us. The trip was quick and painless, and, in just a few short hours, we arrived in Boston. We dragged our suitcase a half-mile down the clean, shiny street to pick up our rental car, and then we were off!

Our first stop was Minute Man National Historical Park, just outside of Concord, Massachusetts. We checked out some pre-Colonial buildings and watched some Colonial impersonators (reenactors?) before we decided it was time to find lunch.

We drove into nearby Concord for lunch and ate at a cute French deli named La Provence. Marc had a Jambon de Paris sandwich, and I had a wrap stuffed with grilled vegetables, bean salad, and hummus. It was the kind of sandwich that required a fork. Just as we were finishing our lunch, the sky opened up and began to pour. We had parked several blocks away, and our umbrella was in the car, so we took it as a sign that we should order dessert.

Gateau Concorde – baked chocolate meringue around a chocolate mousse center, dusted with confectioner’s sugar
Concord was lovely, and it was unbelievable how old some of the buildings were. We had planned to walk around the town, but we didn’t want to get caught in another downpour. (Additionally, the unpaved sidewalks weren’t quite as quaint after a rain.) We left Concord and drove to Lowell, Massachusetts, where we looked at some old mills.
After Lowell, we left Massachusetts for New Hampshire. We visited the lovely community of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where we cursed its abysmal parking. Once we had finally stashed the car in a somewhat dubious space, we walked along the water and around the very old buildings of Strawberry Banke. We next drove to nearby Odiorne Point State Park, where we admired the ocean.
We headed back into Portsmouth for dinner. We dined outdoors at Pesce, where we shared some pasta with wild boar (!) as a starter and had some delicious swordfish and scallops. Finally, we decided it was time to call an end to our Saturday.


We woke up in Dover, New Hampshire on Sunday and headed out for Maine. We were immediately sidetracked by a store advertising 99-cent blueberries, but, once the blueberries (and chocolate-covered gummi bears) were in our hands, we made our way to Nubble Lighthouse.

We spent a good amount of time walking around the rocks and breathing in the fresh, salty ocean air. When we were finally able to tear ourselves away from the lighthouse, we headed back to New Hampshire. We made a picnic lunch at a narrow, intensely overcrowded beach, and then found a more serene beach on which to laze away the rest of the afternoon.

We purchased the most obscenely large ice cream cones on our way out of New Hampshire (seriously, I wish I had taken a picture), and then we made our way to Cape Ann in Massachusetts. After a few more times around certain highway rotaries than we might be willing to admit, we managed to catch the most amazing sunset at Halibut Point State Park.

We stopped in Salem, Massachusetts for dinner, although it was something of a struggle, as it was 10 pm on a Sunday night. We found a bar that was still serving food, and we were able to get a table that was indoors but on the edge of the patio – perfect so that we could enjoy the night air without the chilly wind that came with it. We were delighted to discover that this bar had the best sweet potato fries ever.


Monday began in Norton, Massachusetts, and we headed directly for Rhode Island. Our first stop was Providence, where we fueled up on some much-needed (and decidedly delicious)
coffee. We continued on to Goat Island and stopped at Sachuest Point National Wildlife Reserve. We took the ocean view trail, and the views were breath-taking.

My pictures absolutely do not do it justice. Marc has a much better camera, so I hope his were able to capture it more accurately. A couple that we met on the trail commented that it was “paradise.” I can’t really disagree.

When we finally left, we cruised over to Newport for lunch. We strolled around the town, but it seemed primarily designed for boating and consumerism.

On our way out of Rhode Island, we popped over to Fall River, Massachusetts and did a drive-by of the Lizzie Borden House. It was too late for a tour, but it appeared as though it might not even be offering tours right now as the windows and door were curiously covered in what looked to be shrink-wrap.

It was getting late, so we drove back up to Boston, where we hunted unsuccessfully for Vietnamese sandwiches for dinner, and barely made the 8:00 pm bus home to New York. We were exhausted, but the trip was fantastic!

See more of my vacation pictures on Flickr!


3 responses to “The New England Excursion

  1. I have traversed many of these places myself–including Concord, Halibut Point State Park, Salem, and Sachuest. (And obviously Boston.) You really packed a lot into a short trip–I’m impressed! Next time if you have more time you should ring me up. I could even potentially help you locate Vietnamese sandwiches. (=

  2. We actually got the idea to check out Halibut Point State Park from your blog! :) We’re planning to come back sometime and actually see Boston (instead of using it as just a jumping-off point), and I’ll definitely get in touch with you when we do!

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