one hot and humid weekend

It has been meltingly hot and humid in New York, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the weekend!

Friday: I met my girlfriends at West 3rd Common for the ridiculously cheap happy hour. We were forced to defend (and ultimately physically move) our table against space encroachers in the next booth, but we had a lovely girls night out.

Saturday: I finally managed to take the compost that has been accumulating in my freezer to the farmers market! While there, I got a crazy huge bunch of radishes and some delicious cinnamon raisin bread that I absolutely cannot stop eating. After that, I checked out the Brooklyn Flea – I hadn’t yet been to the outdoor location. Despite the oppressive heat, it was amazing! I got this awesome necklace from Birdhouse there. The picture is a little hard to see, but it’s a small locket on a long chain with a tiny bird.

My next stop (after dropping off the radishes and bread, of course) was the Renegade Craft Fair. There was so much awesome stuff at the fair, but I only purchased a great father’s day card for my dad. I think I fell most in love with a dog that looked like a tiny, adorable bear – but below are things that I loved that were actually for sale. (The pictures are links so you can visit the online stores of the vendors.)

I’m pretty much obsessed with She Hit Pause Studios – I gaze at their stuff every weekend at the Flea. I was really excited to see it was on Gilt yesterday, but my favorite stuff is the Coney Island stuff and they didn’t have any of that for sale.

Marc met me there and we went for ice cream, only to discover that the ice cream shop had since become a bakery. We took a long, hot, fruitless journey through Williamsburg before we finally gave up and came home.

We closed out our evening with some friends at Der Schwarze Kölner, where we drank cheap beer, ate cheaper sausages on rolls with copious amounts of mustard, and got to sit with our feet dangling out the window on Fulton. It was lovely.

Sunday: We had our traditional weekend Vietnamese sandwiches and discovered that our favorite sandwich shop has expanded into a smoothie place! I checked out FABfest, but the wind was incredibly strong and it was about to rain (finally! hooray for breaking the humidity!), so I headed home and called it a weekend.


2 responses to “one hot and humid weekend

  1. looks like an awesome weekend!

  2. It sounds as though had a magnificentw weekend, hooray! <3

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