one hundred hours in NYC: part 2

My mom recently came to NYC for the first time. She arrived on Friday afternoon and left first thing on Wednesday morning; all told, she had just over one hundred hours in this fine city. We covered the city to the best of our ability – this is part 2 of our adventure.

Mom and I started our Saturday with breakfast in the shady garden at Catherine’s Caffe. The portion sizes were enormous: Mom was served a bowl of oatmeal the size of a basketball, and I got what had to be an entire box of granola.

We then went about my favorite Saturday activities, including the farmers market (for apples and fresh sugar snap peas) and the Brooklyn Flea right away, and banh mi later. Mom was politely intrigued by the Flea. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” she said. We then checked out the Union Square Greenmarket on our way to visit Lee.

We had Vietnamese sandwiches for lunch – or, rather, sandwich. The sandwiches at this particular location are so enormous that we split one. I then marched her around Chinatown for a while, including a stop in the Hong Kong Supermarket so that she could marvel at the exotic produce and we could guess what some of the strange bottles and jars contained. We also got a red bean bun to split, but I don’t think she loved it as much as I did.

We then walked to Lower Manhattan, taking in tourist sites along the way. We paid our respects at Ground Zero, walked down Wall Street, mourned the loss of the Law & Order outside the New York Supreme Court building, and checked out the huge flag in front of the stock exchange. We ended up at Battery Park, where we boarded a ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty. Crown tickets are sold out for months – and neither Mom nor I is enamored with heights – so we obviously didn’t go up to the crown, and we weren’t able to get monument tickets either. All we could do was walk around Liberty Island, but that proved to be more than sufficient. It’s a beautiful spot, and the statue looks so much more impressive at close range.

That night, we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, No. 7. We had to wait (briefly) for a table, so we decided to get drinks at the bar. I had one of the numbered cocktails, which involved strawberry puree, port, campari, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. It was summery and delicious. Mom had a dry martini, and we were both shocked as we watched the bartender preparing it – he dumped an incredible amount of gin into the cocktail shaker. Mom ended up with one (well-made) martini and a small beaker with what seemed to be an entire second martini in it. Our meals were of course delicious – I had mahi mahi, and she had the pork that was on special that evening – but dessert was completely out of this world. We split the chocolate peanut butter torte, and it was indulgent and rich and delightful.

Stay tuned for more!


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