one hundred hours in NYC: part 3

My mom recently came to NYC for the first time. She arrived on Friday afternoon and left first thing on Wednesday morning; all told, she had just over one hundred hours in this fine city. We covered the city to the best of our ability – this is part 3 of our adventure.

Our first outing on Sunday was brunch at Extra Virgin with a pair of my friends. Mom had a much more reasonably sized portion of granola than I received at Catherine’s the previous day, and I had a frittata with goat cheese, dried tomatoes, and pesto. Yum!

The weather forecast had predicted rain that day, so I had planned to visit The Met. The weather was actually quite lovely, however, so we took the train to Columbus Circle with the plan of walking across through Central Park on our way to the museum. I was slightly unsure about my ability to navigate the park’s winding trails (as every time I’m in the park, I seem to end up lost), but I figured we could just cut across and then up. I had forgotten that Sunday was the Puerto Rican Day Parade, and the East side of the park was choked with parade-goers trying to reach the parade and police enforcing the boundaries they had erected to manage traffic. It was not the leisurely stroll through the park I had imagined, but it was great for people watching!

On the way to the Met, I received the email that I had been successful in the Shakespeare in the Park lottery. Yay! However, while in the museum, we noticed it was raining. I know that the show goes on if at all possible, so I wasn’t too distressed as the rain wasn’t very hard, but I was somewhat disappointed. We later noticed that the rain had stopped, but, by the time we left to pick up the tickets (shortly after 5:00), it was raining again. We figured that the rain would be short-lived, as it had been earlier, and foraged out in it. We had just gotten into the park when the rain, instead of dissipating as I had imagined, began to instead come down in sheets. We were soaking wet, slipping out of our shoes, with rain in our eyes, and I had to admit I wasn’t entirely sure how to reach the theatre. Thankfully, my best guess was correct, and we found the theatre quickly and retrieved our tickets. We decided we should go home, change clothes, and get the ponchos1. The closet subway is at 86th and Central Park West, and it is a B and a C. Ordinarily, the B would be great, but since it was the weekend, it wasn’t running. I figured the C would have to do, since it was still pouring.

We waited and waited and waited for that train. And then waited some more. The platform was choked with people, and I was getting increasingly frustrated that we were waiting for a train that wasn’t going to take us where we wanted to go anyway, but I didn’t want to go back outside into the rain. I finally gave up, and we headed off to find the 2/3. Fortunately, the rain had pretty much stopped by that time.

the ponchos go to Shakespeare in the Park

We arrived home with just enough time to put on dry clothes and pack a bag, and we made it back to the theatre with just minutes to spare. The performance was amazing. We saw The Merchant of Venice, which has Al Pacino in the role of Shylock and Jesse L. Martin as Gratiano. The entire company, of course, was incredible, and it was a fun show. I love seeing Shakespeare.

We hadn’t had time to eat, and it was almost 11:00 pm by the time the show was over. We were both starving, and I didn’t imagine we could find food that late on a Sunday night on the Upper West Side. We hopped on the C (thankfully without the long wait time) and headed down to the Village for falafel.

Stay tuned for more!

1 Marc and I have a pair of awesomely ridiculous ponchos that say “Shower Attack Sports.” We purchased them as a complete necessity in Laos after deciding to visit Southeast Asian in the wet season.


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