one hundred hours in NYC: part 4

My mom recently came to NYC for the first time. She arrived on Friday afternoon and left first thing on Wednesday morning; all told, she had just over one hundred hours in this fine city. We covered the city to the best of our ability – this is part 4 of our adventure.

On Monday, we started our day at MoMA. Thankfully, we had purchased our tickets online so we didn’t have to join the queue that had lined up before the museum was even open. I love MoMA, and Mom enjoyed it as well.

that’s me, rummaging about in my purse for lipgloss while looking at art

Mom and I have a tradition of having tea together – we’ve spent many afternoons in Chicago having tea either at the Ritz (which is in Water Tower and has a nice view of the city) or at Russian Tea Time, which has a great house blend of tea. Accordingly, it only seemed right to have tea during this trip, and I made reservations for afternoon tea at the Ritz. It was a lovely tea service. The tea sandwiches were delightful (one in particular was a miniature cheese scone with watercress and was delicious!), the scones were (as promised) phenomenal, and the dessert tray was amazing. I was making my way through taking one bite of each kind of dessert (there were so many, and I wanted to make sure that I tasted them all!), when our friendly server brought us additional (and, if possible, even more delicious) desserts. We were in danger of sugar comas when we left, but, honestly, I just can’t say enough good things about our tea, and I would whole-heartedly recommend the tea service.

After tea, we went home to change into our walking shoes. (I had been wearing a pair of five-inch wedge sandals which, while adorable, are not the kindest of footwear.) We then stopped by Tea Spot so that Mom could stock up on her favorite kind of tea, and then strolled from Washington Square Park up to the Empire State Building. After walking around for a while, we decided to pick up a bottle of wine and have dinner at Angelica Kitchen. Of course, we had to wait about an hour for a table, but, as usual, it was worth it. We needed a healthful counterbalance to that afternoon’s decadence.

Stay tuned for more!


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