in case you’re bored

I’m starting a links section. I like to see what other people are being amused by on the internet, so I assume that you will as well.

Without further ado, links compiled this week – or, all right, mostly this morning since that was when I got it in my head to do this:

☆ I love the rules of summer. Outdoor concerts, food festivals, brunches, and post-dinner walks are all things I look forward to during the summer. [Cupcakes & Cashmere]

☆ Speaking of summer, here are ten things to eat when its too hot to eat. Wednesday night, I was hungry but everything (including the highly recommended place at which we were surveying the menu) sounded unappetizing because I was so unbearably hot. We eventually ended up (after he sampled the sandwiches) at Cong Ly for spicy food (#7 on the list), and I later followed up with ice cream (#5 on the list). [The Kitchn]

☆ I get the paper version of the Wall Street Journal, so I actually read this story about sculpture in Indianapolis in hard copy, but I thought it was interesting, so I found it online to include in this round-up. [Wall Street Journal]

☆ In other news that I didn’t read on the internet first, while watching CNN over my muesli this morning, two headlines scrolled by that seemed incongruous with the rest of the news: Older Swingers at Higher Risk for STDs and President Obama and Lady Gaga fight to have most Facebook fans [CNN]

☆ Brooklyn is given its own Absolut bottle – and the flavor (apple and ginger) sounds good! [Slashfood]

☆ This NYT article on dining co-ops makes me miss our dinner club in Chicago. (Of course, it’s not the same thing – but the concept still reminded me of dinner club.) [New York Times]

☆ This post on Filofax organization gave me some great ideas for my own Circa organizer – yay for organization! [Gala Darling]

☆ And finally, because I am a five-year-old boy at heart and get a kick out of watching earth-moving machines, here’s video of a McDonald’s being torn down in downtown Brooklyn [Brownstoner]

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One response to “in case you’re bored

  1. Great list! And I love the fact that Absolut Brooklyn sales are going toward Habitat for Humanity.
    XO Piper

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