summertime and the living’s easy

The temperature has sky-rocketed again, and there’s no rain in sight to break the humidity. Despite the melting heat, we had a fun busy yet lazy weekend.

We had a low-key dinner on Friday night at a Tibetan restaurant in the East Village called Tsampa. We chose it because we wanted healthy food and it was the healthiest place we could find still serving dinner at 10:00 pm. Our food was delicious (and just the light and fresh entrees that we wanted), but there was an incredibly raucous (read: very, very drunk) party in the restaurant, and the acoustics were such that their hollers and shrieks echoed and bounced all around the room. I had a headache by the time we left. It’s a restaurant that I would try again – but maybe at an earlier hour.

On Saturday, we met friends at Lunasa to watch the USA-Ghana game. Sadly, that didn’t turn out how we hoped. We bopped around the East Village fairly aimlessly for a while. At Doc Holliday’s, this fun divey bar with boots on the ceiling, Amy and I tried our hand at Big Buck Hunter. I don’t think we’re cut out to be huntresses: I’m not sure we managed to shoot a single giraffe or rhino (it was the safari edition!) between us.

On Sunday, we tagged along to a great barbecue with some friends. The host has a balcony that overlooks Fifth Avenue, so we had an incredible view of the Pride Parade. He also has a legitimate grill, so we had all manners of grilled items, including grilled corn and black bean burgers. (I also had my first black and white cookie!) I managed to remember my camera, and it was a beautiful (although steamy!) day, so enjoy the pictures!

It’s amazing how much more attention you get from the parade when you have a flag!

The parade comes down the street!

Note the colorful parade dog!

The quality of this photo is terrible, but that’s Scary Spice!

I made a new friend! His name was Chili, and he loves belly rubs.

There are a few more pics on Flickr, if you’re so inclined.


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