in defense of my soap

I watch a soap opera every day. I’m not ashamed. I watch The Bold and the Beautiful, and I’ve watched it off-and-on since the mid-90’s. I’ve seen it through countless who’s-the-father plots (the convoluted parenthood of Little Eric/Little D, RJ, Ridge himself), a few psychopaths (Sheila, Morgan), creative soap opera aging (Bridget was born in 1993 and became a doctor in 2001, Hope was born around 2002 and just graduated from high school), character re-casts (this is the third Rick and second Bridget that I recall), and even women rising from the dead (Macy, Taylor).

While other soap operas are being canceled,1 The Bold and the Beautiful has been flourishing. It was recently named the Most Popular Daytime Soap by the Guinness Book of World Records,2 and, on Sunday night, the show won the Daytime Emmy for Best Drama Series for the second year in a row. Yay for The Bold and the Beautiful!

Now I can sit back and enjoy the thoroughly ridiculous case of mistaken identity between Brooke and Oliver, knowing that it is some of the best stuff out there!

1 As the World Turns was canceled after fifty-three years on television! Fifty-three! That’s such a long time.
2 According to Soap Opera Digest, this was because it can be seen in more than 110 countries. In those countries which have mechanisms for counting viewership, it had 24.5 million viewers in 2008.

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