We braved the Times Square AMC last night to see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
The first movie in the series was embarrassingly bad, the second was laughably bad,1 but this third movie was surprisingly awesome. Honestly, it’s a totally legitimate movie. Of course, it’s a movie about a girl torn between a sparkly vampire and wolf boy, and the vampire army that’s come to destroy them all, but the acting has improved,2 and the movie was fast-paced and fun. What’s more, it didn’t seem to take itself as seriously as the other movies did, which was refreshing because, well, see my previous statement about the subject matter.

The worst part of the movie is, unquestionably, the hair. The Cullens all have terrible hair. Jasper is stuck with some stiff, curly bob, Rosalie has white blonde hair that doesn’t match her dark eyebrows, and Carlisle has taken his hair cues from a Ken doll. Alice’s hair has improved marginally in this third installment. Bella’s hair, on the other hand, looks great – but I have to wonder: will her hair go bad when she SPOILER ALERT becomes a vampire? Maybe not, as Victoria seems to have avoided the vampire hair curse and has amazing hair.

One last thing for your Eclipse amusement: New York Magazine’s 27 Reasons That Eclipse the Movie is Better Than Eclipse the Book. Pay particular attention to number 5, because that part might have been one of the more ridiculous parts of the movie.

1 See my post on the second movie: New Moon: So Bad It’s Awesome.
2 To be fair, it isn’t that hard to improve upon the acting. The first movie, at least, seemed to consist mostly of long, serious stares.

2 responses to “ECLIPSE!

  1. It’s good to know that it wasn’t a total joke. I was wasted while watching it with a bunch of other girls and really only remember the graduation scene with Anna Kendrick.

  2. I have to admit, a cocktail (or two or more) would have probably increased my enjoyment of it!

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