Friday links

The Scary, Sorry Sartorial Devolution of Taylor Momsen is actually from last week, but I didn’t remember to share links last week, so, in case you missed it, here it is. [NY Magazine]

☆ I’ve told you before that escalators make me nervous, and the fact that a kid lost a finger on those creepy escalators in Macy’s only validates my fear. [Racked]

Exercise is good for you! I could have told you that. [NYT]

Go Green, Save Green in my neighborhood. Yum, half-off veggie sandwiches! [NYT Local]

☆ JWoww is actually charging $1000 for some of the pieces in her aptly-named Filthy Coutre line. Incredible. [NY Magazine]

☆ I thought it went without saying that you shouldn’t use “text talk” on the bar exam. Apparently it did not. [Above the Law]

☆ I loved this story about walking across Luxembourg in a day.

☆ And finally, if this is contempt of court, this most certainly is. [Above the Law; Perez Hilton]

Happy weekend!


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