Matisse at MoMA

On Tuesday night, we went to MoMA‘s opening of Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913-1917.1 The exhibit was interesting because it was centered around a period of Matisse’s art that had previously been considered an aberration of the artist’s work. Recent studies, however, have linked the pieces created during this period by the methods of revision that Matisse used. The exhibit thusly focuses on the production and studio practice of what Matisse created during this period, including not only paintings, but sculptures, drawings, and prints.

Bathers by a River, described by Matisse as one of his most pivotal paintings

Two other points of interest for us:
1. This opening actually allowed us to carry our drinks onto the upper floors of the museum (although not, obviously, into the gallery), which was handy because it was too meltingly hot to make use of the garden. Yay!
2. The benches in the lobby have the same pillows as our couch.

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1 The exhibit was just at the Art Institute of Chicago, so maybe some of my Chicago friends have already seen it.

One response to “Matisse at MoMA

  1. It sounds like a great exhibition, glad you had a good time!

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